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C INTERVIEW QUESTIONS1. What is C language?The C programming language is a standardized programming language developed in the early 1970s by Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie for use on the UNIX operating system. It has since spread to many other operating systems, and is one of the most widely used programming languages. C is prized for its efficiency, and is the most popular programming language f

Java Interview Question

1) What is Java?Java is the high-level, object-oriented, robust, secure programming language, platform-independent, high performance, Multithreaded, and portable programming language. It was developed by James Gosling in June 1991. It can also be known as the platform as it provides its own JRE and API. 2) What are the differences between C++ and Java?The differences between C++ and Java ar

Python Interview Questions

1) What is Python?Python was created by Guido van Rossum, and released in 1991.It is a general-purpose computer programming language. It is a high-level, object-oriented language which can run equally on different platforms such as Windows, Linux, UNIX, and Macintosh. It is widely used in data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence domain. It is easy to learn and require less cod

TCS Interview Question

TCS (Tata Consultancy Service) Limited is an Indian multinational company which deals in consultancy service and Information technology. It is headquartered in Mumbai, India. It is a part of the Tata group and operates in 46 countries.TCS is one of the largest Indian company by market capitalization and one of the most trusted Indian brands worldwide. It alone generates 70% of the dividends of i

IBM Interview Question

IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) is an American multinational innovation organization headquartered in Armonk, New York, United States, with activities in more than 170 nations. The organization started in 1911 as the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (CTR) and was renamed "Universal Business Machines" in 1924.Nicknamed Big Blue, IBM is one of 30 organizations incorporated

Top 16 Interview Questions and Answers

Here’s how to answer the 16 most common interview questions:Tell me about yourself.How would you describe yourself?What makes you unique?Why do you want to work here?What interests you about this role?What motivates you?What are you passionate about?Why are you leaving your current job?What are your greatest strengths?What are your greatest weaknesses?What are your goals for the future?Where do

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